“My, What Beautiful Eyes You Have!” Treatment options for tired eyes

Eyes are the first thing we see when we look at someone’s face, famously they are the windows to someone’s soul. Yet they are also the one area of out face that is extremely sensitive to harmful environmental influences like UV rays, lack of sleep, long hours in front of computer screens, dehydration, and the ageing process.

Lines and wrinkles, dark rings under the eyes, heavy, hooded eyelids can all contribute to making us look sleepy and tired even if we feel anything but.

Rejuvenation of the eye area has always been a popular treatment with my patients. This year, it has been in particular demand – since the rest of our face is often covered by a mask nowadays, our attention shifts even more towards the eyes.

What can be done to keep the eyes looking bright and beautiful?

First of all – not all wrinkles are bad. Those that arise from smiling and laughing can give a happy, “twinkle in the eye” appearance, so sometimes it is not a bad idea to leave some of them alone. For those winkles that we cannot live with, there are several treatment options.

Wrinkle relaxing/toxins can help reduce Crow’s feet and mildly lift the brows for a more awake look. These are injections that relax the muscles and smooth wrinkles that form when we smile.

Tixel resurfacing can tighten the skin and reduce winkles and the appearance of “crepey” skin all around the eyes. In some cases, Tixel can help to reduce hooded eye lids.

In order to improve overall skin condition and hydration, skin boosters and biostimulators can be very beneficial. These are cocktails of a special form of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and amino acids that do not add any volume to the face but improve skin hydration and strength by stimulating collagen production. I am seeing some very encouraging results with Nucleofill Soft and Light Eyes Ultra.

Dark circles under the eye can be challenging to treat. Laser treatments can be beneficial if the dark circles are the result of dilated blood vessels or excessive pigment deposition. Creams with active ingredients, like tranexamic acid or arbutin can be prescribed to help reduce hyperpigmentation Light Eyes Ultra skin booster is a product I often recommend to tackle dark circles.

In some patients Tear Trough Fillers are used to treat the hollowing under the eyes that is sometimes genetic but often appears as we age. Hyaluronic acid replaces lost volume and helps smooth out the area under the eye.

What is the best treatment to help freshen up my eyes?

Ultimately, the ideal treatment or treatment combination will be different for each individual patient.

When you come in for your consultation, we will discuss your concerns and take account of your preferences and lifestyle. I will conduct a detailed skin analysis and talk you through the options, so that you can choose a treatment that is right for you.

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