Rejuvenate your natural beauty, inside & out

Dr Olivia Beresford combines longevity and aesthetics medicine to help you age well, be healthy, look good, and feel confident.

Wellness Aesthetics

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“You know those days: you have to run errands, but you’re maybe not feeling your best. You throw on some big sunglasses, a scarf, and a hat, hoping that you won’t run into anyone you know at the supermarket.

I believe you should feel your beautiful self every day and this feeling can be achieved with a scientific approach to wellness and subtle use of aesthetics.

Our modern, clinically-based treatments are designed to keep you looking and feeling your best — at any age and through in to your golden years.

Leave those sunglasses at home and discover how it feels to love how you look every day!”

With warmest wishes,

Dr. Olivia Beresford

Introducing Dr Olivia Beresford

Dr Beresford qualified as a Doctor in 2001 and later worked as an anaesthetist in the NHS. Having conducted a lot of precision needle work her transition into aesthetics medicine in 2016 felt natural. During her NHS career she discovered longevity medicine and worked with patients to optimise their fitness and physiology pre-surgery.

She knows that combining elements of aesthetics and longevity medicine creates the perfect formula to age-well on the inside and outside, preserving and rejuvenating our natural beauty. In 2021, Dr Beresford set up a private clinic on London’s Harley Street to offer a complete wellness and aesthetics treatment service to her loyal client base.

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“I had a consultation and treatment with Olivia. She took her time to listen to me and understand what I was trying to achieve. The results are amazing. I still look like myself, but my jowls are gone. Will definitely come back again.”

Anon, London

“An amazing doctor. She is not afraid to say no, you don’t need this… I have spent far less than I thought I would but left feeling a thousand times more confident. Cannot thank you enough”

Anon, London

“Dr Beresford takes time to listen and makes you feel at ease. The treatments have worked really well. She has a friendly caring manner, is reliable and honest. I can highly recommend her.”

Anon, London

“My treatment has worked really well! I look in the mirror in the evening after a long day – I should look tired, but I don’t!”

Anon, London

“Dr Beresford is kind and explains everything very thoroughly. I would definitely recommend”

Anon, London

Certification & Accreditation

The General Medical Council

Hamilton Fraser Aesthetic Insurance

The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners

The Aestethic Complications Expert Group

Book your private consultation and create your bespoke treatment
plan with Dr Olivia in London’s prestigious Harley Street.

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